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TrackLog v1.20

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GPS track maker. Software create *.plt track file, *.rte route file and, optionally, NMEA-log file.

Platform: Windows Mobile 2003/5.x/6.x

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The author’s program overview

DXsoft TrackLog is GPS log-maker.
It creates log-files of several GPS-formats from data got from GPS-receiver.

At first start the program suggest to select a folder for output files.
This folder can be changed later by "Tool/Select Output Folder" menu.

Zip-archive includes four CAB-files.
TL_NoGate.cab and TL_Gate.cab are not signed files, to install at Windows Mobile 2003.
TL_NoGate_s.cab, TL_Gate_s.cab are signed files, to install at WM 5.x and WM6.x .

The program from TL_NoGate*.cab gets data from GPS-receiver via physical or virtual COM-port.
So you need to select port number and transfer speed via "Tools/Select input port" and "Tools/Select port speed" menus.
This settings are saved in registry at normal exit (by "Tools/Exit" menu).

The program from TL_Gate*.cab can work via COM-port or Franson GpsGate software API, but it requires installed GpsGate in any case. If GpsGate is installed the best way is to use it.

TrackLog writes two files of Ozi Explorer format simultaneously, a track in the plt-format and route in the rte-format.
Waypoints file in the wpt-format can be created by user command.

plt-files include much more points, than rte-files.

These files can be opened by not Ozi Explorer only, but by many other GPS-programs, for example Gis Russa or Navitel Navigator.

For every day of year (in local time) TrackLog creates different file.
But records of file include UTC-time, not local.

If an option "Tools/Enable NMEA log" is selected, TrackLog creates raw log file (NMEA data) also.
This file includes all GPRMC and GPGGA-records with valid GPS-Fix.

The "Wpt" button pressing make TrackLog to create waypoint and save it to wpt-file.
This point is saved in plt- and rte-file also bypassing coordinate filtering.
Waypoint name is Wyymmdd-hhmnss ,where yy is year, mm is month, dd is day, hh is hour, mn is minutes, ss is seconds of local time.

TrackLog can process data from NMEA-log in place of GPS-receiver also.
This file is selected by "Tools/Read NMEA file" menu.
New NMEA-log file is not created in this case.
The "Hide" button pressing make TrackLog to hide the window.
To restore TrackLog window click at small icon at bottom tray or run software again.

The "Tools/Hide at startup" option make TrackLog to hide itself after startup.

Repeated executing of software with "/wpth" command line parameter make running software to save waypoint (like "WPT" button pressing). State of running copy is not changed.

Repeated executing of software with "/wpts" command line parameter make running software to save waypoint and restores running copy window if it was hided.

If TrackLog is executed with "/noup" parameter it starts as usually at first startup and do nothing if another copy is already running. This parameter can be used with starting software by "Device woke up" event, for example.


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