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Switcher v2.10

Switcher — Downloads and Registration

A simple software to handle devices connected to an LPT port.

Platform: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

[Screenshot of Switcher

The author’s program overview

The “1” button erects a logical one at pin 2 of an LPT-port,
the “2” button sets high level at pin 3 and so on.

The program can be launched with several command line parameters.

The /LPTn parameter defines used LPT-port (/LPT1 , /LPT2 or /LPT3). LPT1 is used by default.

The /LPTxNNNN parameter defines LPT-port with non-standard base address (for example, LPT-port at PCI-card). There NNNN is hexadecimal base address of a port, 'x' is just letter 'x', not number.

The /M parameter enables to switch on several switches at one time.

The /Sx parameter define a switch switched on at the program start (/S1 ... /S8). /S0 means "all switches are off". To switch on several switches use several /Sx commands.

The /Ttext parameter defines a title of program window.

The /B1text ... /B8text parameters define text on button 1...8 respectively.

The /Ontop parameter puts Switcher in front of all windows.

The /EX parameter means "to set switches and close program".

There are examples of command line:

    “C:\Program Files\Switcher\Switcher.exe” /LPT2 /Ontop
    “C:\Program Files\Switcher\Switcher.exe” /LPT1 /M /S3 /S5 /Ontop
    “C:\Program Files\Switcher\Switcher.exe” /LPTxE080 /S0 /EX
    “C:\Program Files\Switcher\Switcher.exe” /LPT1 /TMy Antennas /B1dp /B2lw /Ontop


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