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SeaTTY versions history


PACTOR-1 FEC mode support was made.
At least PWZ-33 Brasilia station transmits weather warnings in this mode.

Some minor improvements and bug fixes were made.


A soundcard number can be above ten now.


The Setup / Text / Add this comment to saved text files: ... option was made.


The Setup / Interface / Soundcard number / ... / Mono-Left-Right option was made.
It allows to connect two signal source to one soundcard.

The Setup / Interface / Nominal sampling rate option was made.
The sampling rate can be 11025 (default), 22050, 44100 and 48000 samples per second. This option can be useful to avoid soundcard driver bugs (some soundcard drivers work bad at low sampling rates) or to connecting to digital sound source via virtual soundcard without re-discretization.

The Setup / Text / Put time stamps in saved text files was made.
UTC or local date and time of message starting are added in a bottom of saved message if this option is enabled.


The documentation was updated.

A minor bug in the slant correction procedure was fixed.


Previously received and saved HF-FAX image can be opened by Edit image command of popup menu now. Then image can be fixed by <-||-> or <-/|\-> operations and saved with the same or new name.


Auto start/stop method in HF-FAX mode is rewritten.


A command File > Stop Decoding From File was made.

A button “FastD” (fast decoding from file) was made.


1000 Hz deviation is supported in HF-FAX and RTTY modes now.

A minor bug with working frequency saving (if AFC is switched on) is fixed.


Maximum number of RTTY/NAVTEX Station ID filter items is increased to 32.

Filter for GMDSS DSC message format was made.

Some minor improvements were made.


The Setup > Other > Start SAME message by 1050 Hz tone option was made.


More settings for colors of spectrogram and oscillogram windows were made.


Options for tuning auto start / auto stop parameters of FAX mode were made. See Setup > FAX page.


The Setup > Other > EOM timeout in SAME option was made.

Message filename shows time of message start, not time of message end now.

A bug was fixed - a message with station ID in filename couldn't be really deleted by “Delete” command.

“Auto start” and “Auto stop” procedures were slightly optimized in HF-FAX mode.


The Setup > Other > Ignore EOM in SAME option was made. It is useful if a SAME system transmit End Of Message sequence before voice message.


The documentation was updated.

Some issues occurred under Windows Vista were fixed.

Default working directory of software is located in “Application Data” (“ProgramData” under Windows Vista) in place of “Program Files” now.


GMDSS DSC (Digital selective-calling system) HF and VHF messages decoding was made.


Station ID's of RTTY and NAVTEX messages are included in message filenames and are shown in the message tree now.


The “Setup” menu was rewritten.

Station ID filter was made. This filter allow to select messages which should be automatically saved in NAVTEX and RTTY modes. Station ID is four letters after “ZCZC ” sequence.


The “Shift” menu can be used to select normal deviation (800 Hz) or narrow deviation (300 Hz) in the HF-FAX mode now. Narrow deviation is used at Long wave band.


The “Setup > Clear Rx Window Once a Day” option was made.


Invisible buffer is not used now. Receiving window contains all received symbols until it is manually cleared.

Some internal changes were made.


Minor bugs in text displaying were fixed.


Minor improvements of raw log files handling were made.


NOAA Weather Radio SAME messages decoding was made. Voice messages are automatically saved to wave-files (5 min maximum), SAME headers of a messages are saved to text files.


User can select a soundcard by Setup > Soundcard Number menu now.

The Setup > Put Time Stamps in Raw Logs option was made. When this option is selected, SeaTTY writes local or UTC time at beginning of each string of a raw log file.


The documentation was updated.

Some minor bugs were fixed.


Soundcard handling was rewritten to avoid synchronization losses during FAX receiving.

A number of unprocessed buffers (“UpB”) is shown in the status line in place of number of free buffers (“FrB”) now.


A bug was fixed. The program start was failed if setup was saved with “OnTop” button pressed.

The “Start/Stop” button was made to start or stop message receiving manually in RTTY or NAVTEX mode.


The “File > Open Wave Capture File” command opens wave-file to save all sound received from soundcard. File is closed by the File > Close Wave Capture File command. The hotkey for these commands is Alt-V”. Take to attention that a minute of sound recording need above 1 MByte disk space.

A frequency ruler was made.

The “Setup > Use UTC time” option was made.


Different icons in the message tree indicate different file types (texts and images) now.


FAX images are saved in PNG format now.

M-” and “M+” buttons on the main form change preview image scale now.


A bug was fixed. The slant correction parameter was read wrong from ini-file if a system used comma as decimal separator.


The documentation was updated.

Minor changes in FAX Auto Start/Auto Stop process were made.


M-” and “M+” buttons was made to change image scale in the FAX receiving window.


AFC has two parameters now.
The first parameter is local deviation in hertzs, i.e. maximal deviation from current frequency.
Second parameter is global deviation in hertzs, i.e. maximal deviation from last user-selected frequency.
User-selected frequencies are shown at spectrogram by short red lines .


A problem with FAX synchronization losing while image scrolling was fixed.

If start tone is found during image receiving, SeaTTY saves image and starts new image receiving now.


RTTY and NAVTEX decoders were rewritten. Decoding quality was vastly improved.


The documentation was updated.


SeaTTY tries to find phasing lines and to detect LPM speed during 20 seconds after manual start.

The program saves central frequencies for RTTY, NAVTEX and FAX separately.

Auto S.” button was made to enable/disable auto start/stop of FAX receiving.

SeaTTY can decode signals from a WAVE-file now. See the File > Decode From File”  command. A WAVE-file must be Windows PCM file, without compression. A sample rate must be 11025, 22050 or 44100 Hz. Preferred file parameters are mono, 16 bit, 11025 Hz.


Saved images preview was made.

AFC works in FAX mode now (during “LPT speed detected” state).

Squelch prevents auto-start at noise in FAX mode now.

User can select LPM and IOC for manual start now.


SeaTTY can receive HF-FAX now.


A problem with scrolling of received symbols window was fixed. The window is not scrolling down now by received symbol if the last string is not visible.

AFC was remade. It works properly at fast AFC speed now.


The Setup > View > Fonts and Colors > Message Window Font Setup and Setup > View > Fonts and Colors > Message Window Background Setup options were made.


You can open raw log file in Notepad by double-clicking on date in the message tree.

You can delete selected message or all messages for selected date by click on “Delete” key.

To reduce chance to miss message for noise SeaTTY starts to write message if at least three symbols of “ZCZC” signature is received.


FSK-demodulator was fully rewritten.

Help-file was made.


The “Setup > Don’t Save SYNOP Messages” option was made.

To open message file in editor, make double-click in the message tree or in the message window.

Design © 2002 Max Zuber

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